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Retrofit Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating designed and installed by experts with over 5 million metres of UFH pipe installed nationwide

Heating Over Floorboards or Concrete

These low-profile systems are ideal for retrofitting. The underfloor heating pipes can be encapsulated within a thin section screed from a nominal depth of 20mm or clipped into a pre-routed board. The boards allow tiles to be installed directly to the surface with no downtime for drying or curing. 

Installing underfloor heating doesn’t have to mean digging up floors or lifting floorboards, with all the hassle, mess, and expense that this can incur. Overlay underfloor heating is a simple solution often used over concrete or floorboards. Our practical overlay underfloor heating systems are perfect for installation under tiles or hardwood flooring.

These low-profile systems are ideal for retrofitting. These can be encapsulated within a thin section screed from a nominal depth of 20mm or clipped into a pre-routed board. The boards allow tiles to be installed directly to the surface with no downtime for drying or curing.

Our overlay systems use 12mm or 16mm pipes laid at 150mm pipe centres and provides excellent response times and heat outputs compared with traditional underfloor heating solutions. They are suitable for both traditional heating systems and low-temperature renewable systems.

What is Retrofit/overlay Underfloor Heating??

Retrofit systems are low-profile options designed for existing floors where ‘traditional’ full-depth systems wouldn’t be suitable, making them ideal for renovation projects.

We offer three solutions for retrofitting or overlaying underfloor heating, each with unique benefits.

The first is our Retro18 system which incorporates pre-routed grooves where the underfloor heating pipes fit. These boards are fixed directly to your existing floor. The Gypsum-based compound emulates a traditional screeded floor providing an excellent spread of heat throughout the floor. The overall floor build-up height is 18mm (Roughly a 5p piece standing on edge). The system uses 12mm underfloor heating pipes. When installing the recommended Superfoil below the boards, the depth increases by 6mm. This product insulates the floor and reflects the heat upwards into the room. 

The second option is more traditional and requires a solid (none flexing) sub-base. We offer a screed system with a minimum depth of 20mm(Roughly a 20p piece standing on edge) by utilising a specially designed high-strength screed. The depth is increased by 6mm if adding the recommended Superfoil for insulation.

The third option is a foil-backed expanded polystyrene board system that includes grooves within the boards to incorporate 16mm pipes. These boards are pre-coated with a micro foil contributing to the even spread of heat throughout the floor’s surface. The depth is 20mm (Roughly a 20p piece standing on edge). The boards are an insulation compound. Therefore, the Superfoil insulation recommended with the previous two systems is unnecessary. The high compressive strength of the boards enables tiling directly to the surface using an S2 adhesive.

All the systems above provide fast response times and high heat outputs

Features & Benefits of using the Overlay Underfloor Heating system include:

  • Low profile system (20 mm deep) 
  • No need to excavate the existing floor
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for multiple floor coverings
  • Pre-grooved boards
  • Ideal for whole-house applications
  • Fast response times
  • Underfloor Heating replaces radiators, so rooms become more versatile.
  • Underfloor Heating heats a large space to a low temperature therefore removing hot surfaces.

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